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Support a Strong Solar Industry to Power America

The Solar Energy Industries Association is building a strong solar industry to power America. We can't do it alone. Powerful organizations are leveraging their resources to lobby congress and your state legislatures to stop the solar industry from growing. Please sign the petition below to let your government know: you stand with the solar industry. 

We petition our governors, state and federal representatives and the president to help support the solar industry by: 

Support government incentives, mandates and procurements that help to grow the solar energy market. Protect renewable portfolio standards (RPS) that include solar carve-outs for PV and solar heating and cooling technologies. Allow third-party financing and power purchase agreements, which will make solar affordable for more homes and businesses. 

Most critically, protect net metering programs, which provide compensation for solar customers for excess generation. Simplify siting and permitting processes, ensure “fast track” interconnection standards, and reduce the burden of codes and standards to grow the solar industry. 

Support smart tax policies like the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which are critical to lowering costs for customers and opening financing opportunities. Defend existing funding sources and aid in the creation of new forms of financing that help to ensure further industry innovation and growth.


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